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So your hospital or other healthcare organization has invested a great deal of time and money in creating a web site. Now what?

Introducing the new, a PracticeLink company. is the most fundamental Internet service any hospital marketing department might want to use. makes it easy to locate hospital web sites quickly and easily by city, state, name or Zip code or any combination of these. is the most complete and powerful web site of its kind with more than 1,800 hospital web sites listed.

With approximately 1,000 visitors a day, is consistently the number one ranked web site on many Internet search engines for many hospital and medically related search phrases. HospitalLink was picked by the GO Network as the number one rated hospital web directory and has been listed in many print publications as a helpful resource.

Who uses
Healthcare marketing professionals, department heads, administrators, human resources executives, medical recruiters, potential patient's, patient's families, physicians, nurses, job -seekers, researchers, writers and more.
Visit to see if your hospital web site is listed.
PracticeLink customers have their physician, nursing and all other healthcare practice and employment listings appear automatically and at no additional cost in the Career Center.  However, your HospitalLink Web Site Listing requires a separate agreement. Visit to see if your hospital web site is listed. If not, you can submit your hospital web site immediately.
Submit Your Hospital Web Site
Listing you hospital web site in the Web Guide is super easy. Just click on "List Our Hospital Web Site" and complete the listing form. Your hospital will appear in our next weekly update. The cost is just $1 a day billed annually.

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